• The Captain Toad Levels in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Now Feature Multiplayer

    1 month ago - By Gaming Reinvented

    As per the following description on the official website's ‘Play Together' page: Play as brave Captain Toad and try to recover Green Stars in short puzzle stages with up to three other players!* That's a welcome change, especially given the original version had these levels as single player only experiences. So if you're playing through...
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  • Episode 256: New Super Xander World's Fury + Hockey

    Episode 256: New Super Xander World's Fury + Hockey

    1 month ago - By Nintendo World Report

    Xander Morningstar stops by to talk about Bowser's Fury and 2021 hype. Also: people who don't follow hockey make hockey predictions. Xander Morningstar came by and we all got really furious with excitement for Bowser's Fury before diving more into the announcement of Lucasfilm Games working with Bethesda and Ubisoft (because we always gotta touch on Star Wars), tossing out hopes and dreams and ideas for future Switch revisions, and then rounding out the talk by going into the NWR Hype Meter and putting John to sleep by talking RPGs.
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