• Temtem Gets Gameplay Trailer

    6 monthes ago - By Gamers Heroes

    Learn more about the breeding and battle system coming to Crema and Humble Bundle's Temtem with the latest trailer for the title.
    The gameplay trailer, which can be seen below , puts the spotlight on the strategic elements of its battle and breeding system. Other highlights include its rare “Luma” Temtem, and a first look at its End Game opportunities.
    Temtem - Official Gameplay Trailer
    Inspired by Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokemon series, Temtem has been described by the development team as “a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure.” Players will set out to explore the six...
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  • New Temtem Trailer Offers End Game Sneak Peak, Look at Lumas

    New Temtem Trailer Offers End Game Sneak Peak, Look at Lumas

    6 monthes ago - By Game Skinny

    We're getting closer to the January 21 Early Access launch date for CremaGames and Humble Bundle's monster collector Temtem. Ahead of that, we've got a new trailer showing off the game's battle system and end-game areas, among other things.
    Battling in Temtem is always a two-on-two affair, which forces you to carefully plan your battle pairs and take advantage of how they complement each other through synergy. It's especially important, the trailer tells us, as you progress through the game and take on powerful Tamers and bosses.
    As in Digimon , simply raising your Temtem won't be enough...
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