• PlayStation app now lets you delete files and games from your PS5 without touching it

    10 days ago - By Android Police

    The update also packs a few more features
    Last year, Sony redesigned its PlayStation App in the light of the PS5 release and promised a slew of new features once the console was more widely available. Some of these are now starting to come to people as part of PlayStation App version 21.4. The release lets you manage your PS5 storage right from the app, allowing you to remove titles you no longer play without even fully turning on your console.
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  • Discord comes to PlayStation early next year

    Discord comes to PlayStation early next year

    10 days ago - By VG 247

    PlayStation consoles will officially see the release of Discord early in 2022. Sony announced Monday that Discord , the popular communication app on PC, will be available on its PlayStation consoles for the first time at some point in early 2022. Watch on YouTube In the blog post breaking the news, Sony also revealed that it has made a minority investment in the company behind Discord, though did not disclose the amount. This comes just weeks after Discord reportedly ended acquisition talks with Microsoft. Discord is, however, looking to expand, and Sony's investment came as part of a...
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