• Surrender your free time to Slay the Spire on Switch this June

    3 monthes ago - By Destructoid

    Deck-building RPG fans flocked to Slay the Spire on Steam, and now the single-player roguelike game is making the rounds elsewhere. This week marked the PlayStation 4 port. Next up, Nintendo Switch. Mega Crit is bringing its mega-hit to the Nintendo eShop on June 6, 2019 for $24.99.
    The Switch version supports Joy-Con controls as well as the touch screen.
    Slay the Spire may look unassuming at a glance, but the design fundamentals are all there. It has enough crossover appeal that it's been able to reach people who aren't into typical card games, and I'm curious to see how Switch owners...
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  • The road trip sim game Jalopy is free on the Humble Store

    3 monthes ago - By Destructoid

    Hey, PC players. The Humble Store is giving out Jalopy , a road-trip simulation game about fixing up a hunk of junk and making the trek from Eastern Berlin to Turkey, for free. You should consider getting it!
    Every road trip has complications, and Jalopy is no exception. Whether it's scavenging for scraps, staying topped up on fuel, or finding yourself forced to smuggle contraband past border security, stuff's bound to go wrong at some point. Most of my best real-life travel memories involve overcoming misfortune.
    Here's some gameplay footage.
    All you need to do to score Jalopy for free is...
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  • RiME is Now Free on Epic Games Store

    RiME is Now Free on Epic Games Store

    3 monthes ago - By Gaming Bolt

    Continuing with the weekly free games schedule on the Epic Games Store, Tequila Gameworks' RiME is now free on the storefront for PC. All you need is an Epic Games Account and to claim the game for free. It will be available until May 30th so act fast.
    RiME is an atmospheric puzzle platformer set on a mysterious island. You play a boy who awakens on the island and must reach the peak of the tower. Meanwhile, there's a cute fox who will help guide you. Check out our review for RiME here to learn more about the gameplay and how it all feels.
    The next free game, which goes live on May 30th to...
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